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    Going way beyond chocolate

    That cocoa remembers chocolate is no doubt, it has always been this way, since the Aztecs, who in their religious ceremonies included Chocolate. Cocoa has always been cultivated to harness only the seeds of its fruits, which are the raw material of the chocolate industry. But from the fruit of the cacao is possible to extract other by-products, already common the industrialization of the cocoa juice, from the extraction of its pulp.

    The cocoa juice has a very characteristic flavor, considered exotic and very pleasant to the palate, resembling the juice of other tropical fruits. It is fibrous and rich in sugars (glucose, fructose and sucrose) and also in pectin. Some of the substances that make up cocoa juice give it a high viscosity and doughy appearance.
    With this same cocoa pulp you can also make jellies, fine distilled, fermented - like wine and vinegar - and syrups for confectionery, as well as nectars, ice cream, candies and use for yogurts.

    Published in 16/07/2017 12:59:19
    Source: Agrospice Brasil
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