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    A feast for the senses - digestible and pleasant

    Herbs and spices have many tasks in the field of nutrition due to their different functions which can enhance complement and enhance the original taste of food as well as its aspects and its aromatic qualities.
    Herbs and spices are not only a culinary delight, they are so well known for their medicinal properties.

    Many are well known for their mild healing properties that can make food more easily digestible as it contains essential oils, bitter agents, vitamins, mineral nutrients, enzymes and many other substances that influence smell, aroma and taste.

    Herbs and spices have a comforting digestive stimulant or antiseptic effect depending on the ingredients. This is one of the reasons why herbs and spices are used in pharmaceuticals. Pepper and clove stimulate the salivary secretion, aiding in the digestion and increase of the gastric secretion and stimulating the appetite. The list of herbs and spices and their healing properties are endless and sufficient for the present.

    Published in 16/07/2017 13:01:36
    Source: Agrospice Brasil
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